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Invest in your own self-care, invest in good eating habits, and invest in your health by opting for organically grown and produced products. Shop for our wide range of health & wellnessproducts organic from fruit & vegetable juices, breakfast cereals, cold pressed oils, skin & hair care essentials and tons of other stuff that will keep your body healthy and disease-free!

About Nutriorg: Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Nutriorg is one of the leading health & wellness organic brands in India where our organic food products are supplied all over the country. We at Nutriorg have only one vision-

‚ÄúAn Organic India, A Healthy India‚ÄĚ

Chyawanprash- Benefits, And Uses. Why Must You Consume It?

Chyawanprash- Benefits, And Uses. Why Must You Consume It?

Chyawanprash is an ancient energy booster called the Powerhouse of health.

Chyawanprash is an Ayurvedic medicine supplement used for immunity and overall health, used in India for ages to protect children and adults from colds and mild flu. The phrases "chyawan" and "prash," which both refer to nutritious and healthy food, are combined to form the word "chyawanprash." 

Chyawanprash is a traditional Vedic herbal food product made from a combination of organic ingredients. It has been used for centuries in India to promote overall health and well-being. Its uses range from providing energy and immunity-boosting benefits to helping with digestion and respiratory health. Chyawanprash is also rich in antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radical damage. As an organic food product, it contains no artificial additives or preservatives, making it a safe and healthy choice for everyone.

Let's see some benefits of having chyawanprash daily. 

1. Boosts Immunity

It is one of the most crucial benefits of chyawanprash. Since ancient times, chyawanprash has been used as a medicine to improve immunity and length of life and as a health supplement due to its many positive health effects. It is a traditional formula that includes several healing herbs and minerals. It is a primal recipe from the ancient generation.

2. Helps in Digestion

Chyawanprash, which has a lot of fiber and anti-flatulent qualities, helps maintain and improve the condition of your stomach. Due to its anti-flatulent rates, gas production is decreased, preventing flatulence, abdominal distention, and bloating. It can assist you in overcoming constipation and other digestive issues because it is a fiber-rich food.

It also includes antacids, which aid in treating and preventing conditions like ulcers, indigestion, and gastritis‚ÄĒall of these characteristics of chyawanprash aid in improving nutritional absorption by the body.

3. Maintains your health

One must recognize skin and hair when it comes to the body. Chyawanprash is beneficial not only for the body but also for the skin and hair. Chyawanprash has a lot of advantages for the skin. Its antioxidant qualities maintain your skin smooth and luminous. Consuming it can shield your skin from UV-induced oxidative radical damage.

Additionally, the composition aids in minimizing aging symptoms like blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics help reduce skin infections such as acne, zits, and pimples. The nutrients in chyawanprash are what give it its hair advantages. It can promote healthy and rapid hair development with its support and immunity-boosting qualities.

4. Balances the cholesterol level

The vital herbs in lehyam increase energy levels and remove harmful cholesterol from internal organs. Less cholesterol promotes an active lifestyle, better cardiac health, and reduced fatigue.

5. Purifies the Blood

One of the most important reasons to have chyawanprash daily is that it helps to purify the blood. It helps to strengthen your body internally and is high in antioxidants. Regular use of this chyawanprash even aids in blood cleansing and guards against mild diseases.

6. It helps with Respiratory Issues

It supports the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Because it nourishes the mucous membranes and aids in maintaining clear respiratory passages, chyawanprash is beneficial for the lungs. It is also regarded as a heart tonic.

7. Memory Enhancement and Brain Function Support

Chyawanprash possesses anti-amnesic properties and could be used to cure amnesia. In one mouse study, giving the rodents Chyawanprash daily could prevent memory loss.

Shop for the purest Chyawanprash in the market with Nutriorg Vedic Chyawanprash! The blessed ayurvedic gift that is rich in antioxidants, immunity-boosting, and healing herbs is a must-have organic food product for any Indian household.

Shop now at www.nutriorg.com 

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Nutritional Food That Will Keep You Warm In Winters

Nutritional Food That Will Keep You Warm In Winters

We can't stop eating in winter to feel the warmth of the weather, but we all feel the fear of gaining weight in winter. Our eating habits can significantly shift when the days grow shorter, and the temperature drops. We frequently choose hotter, heartier, and more full meals, yet this shift in hunger can disturb our bodies' regular rhythms. Well, no worries because in this article, we will list some organic food products that provide warmth and boost energy and immunity.

8 nutritional foods that will keep you warm in winter.

1. Vegetables

You can eat more to sate your hunger without packing on the calories by increasing the number of vegetables in your diet. Broccoli and cauliflower are rich in protein, linked to improved immune performance. You get different nutrients from different veggies, which makes you feel fuller and keeps your immune system strong enough to fend off winter colds. However, adding more veggies to your daily routine is a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

2. Jaggery

Winters are the better season to switch from having refined sugar to jaggery powder. Jaggery, also called "gur," is made chiefly from unrefined, raw, and concentrated sugarcane juice. Jaggery's sweet and earthy flavor, which is appealing and has many health advantages, is created throughout the preparation process. Wintertime is a great time to switch to jaggery because of its warm nature, which can help you stay healthy during the season. Moreover, some prefer to avoid the jaggery flavor sold in the confectionery shops. Therefore, switching to organic jaggery powder is simpler because it has a natural taste and aids in treating seasonal coughs and colds.

3. Organic Soups

One of the best winter foods to get you through the winter comfortably is organic soups. It will help if you are looking for meals with a lot of vegetables and water as the base. You'll feel revitalized after eating a hot soup with green vegetables or sweetcorn soup. You can have whole-grain crackers with your soup to maintain an organic lifestyle. A hot bowl of soup will warm you up even when the temperature has dropped into the minus figures. Your body is internally warmed by hot soup, which creates a warming sensation across your entire body.

4. Multigrain Oats

It's a healthy way to start your day with oats. Moreover, oats are a fantastic source of fiber and entire grains. Fiber can increase your feeling of fullness and lower your cholesterol. Oats are packed with additional nutrients to keep you warm and full. However, oats are one of the most loved winter foods, making you feel full in smaller quantities.

These beneficial whole grains can be baked in the oven, fried in a skillet, cooked on the stove, or even let soak in the refrigerator overnight. Oats are a flexible grain, so no matter how you prepare or serve them, they will be a staple in your weekly menu.

5. Cow Ghee

You would be lying if you said you have never had a cold or a cough in the winter, but there is a cure in the kitchen. Cow ghee is referred to in Ayurveda as the "golden medicine," according to scientific studies. Nutri.org cow ghee is one of the best organic food products, which boosts your energy and has the nature to keep you warm in winter. Additionally, it aids in slowing the progression of wounds, constipation, and the treatment of burns.

You can add ghee to dals, rice, khichdi to halwas, and chapatis, so you can never have enough of this kitchen essential. Rich in both vitamins and vital fatty acids. Moreover, ghee is also known as one of the best winter foods because it boosts immunity and metabolism and improves digestion.

6. Sweet Potatoes

Make sweet potatoes your best buddy in winter, as these food powerhouses with rich orange flesh add several crucial nutrients to your daily routine. You surely have heard about swapping potato fries for sweet potato fries if you actively attempt to lose weight.

Moreover, sweet potatoes are not only healthy for the body but also for the skin. Our skin tends to dry quickly in winter, and sweet potatoes are fantastic. By combating the free radicals that cause skin aging, it helps the skin. If you want flawless, clear skin, add sweet potatoes to your diet.

7. Dry fruits

In Indian culture, dry fruits are dominant, and as winter approaches, you'll notice more variations of them in stores and on the streets. Regular consumption of warm, heated nuts during the winter, among other things, ensures a functioning nervous system and promotes heart and mental health. Dates and nuts like almonds, walnuts, and peanuts increase body temperature. In the winter, developing immunity is most important. In addition to being delicious on their own and when added to food, dry fruits like dates, figs, peaches, and pistachios also include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibers, and oils essential for good health.

8. Quinoa

What's the point of eating healthy if your dish is not tasty? Don't worry; Nutriorg Quinoa has a delicious taste and is made with the guidance of organic food manufacturers, which can add more value to your healthy lifestyle.

Quinoa is not only nutritious but also aids in weight loss. Quinoa can be a part of a diet plan for people who want to lose weight and reach a healthy weight goal. And there are not-limited mouthwatering quinoa recipes for salad lovers.


For people who are adamant to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle, wintertime could prove to be quite challenging as it is the time to completely overhaul your diet. But, with robust determination, you can always keep your winter diet full of tasty and warm food without compromising your health

Head over to the Nutriorg website to shop for our wide range of winter diet essentials to keep you warm and healthy during the cold.

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How To Celebrate A Healthy & Pure Diwali With Organic Food Products

How To Celebrate A Healthy & Pure Diwali With Organic Food Products

Diwali is a celebration of lights celebrated in India that wishes everyone luck, joy, and success. The lit diyas must dispel the darkness of ignorance and poverty and illuminate the environment. But the essential question is how far we can grasp and accept the reality that we are going away from the true spirit of the fiesta of light. Due to the negligence of those nearby, the festival is unquestionably becoming one of the most significant environmental issues.
Crackers contain hazardous materials like copper and cadmium. Due to weather changes, these particles/pollution mix with fog and turn into smog, which causes asthma attacks, bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis symptoms like runny nose and itching. Additionally, it is not kid-safe. But that does not preclude us from enjoying Diwali. We can always do it without candles, noise, or crackers in an environmentally conscious manner and make it a Healthy Diwali.

Organic food products are a staple part of a healthy lifestyle. Let's put our efforts into making this Diwali clean and healthy. It's time to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way in 2022. Green Diwali is the best way to celebrate the festival without harming the environment.

Ways to Celebrate Diwali in an Eco-Friendly Way

  • Handmade diyas
  • There was formerly an abundance of ideas on the market consisting of wax, plastic, foam, fiber, and other materials, but most of these products are not biodegradable. They eventually wind up in landfills and cause long-term environmental damage. While some of these things are now prohibited, others are still readily available as less expensive, simpler alternatives. You could choose environmentally friendly diyas, which are made from organic food. Gobar diyas can be utilized for two weeks without leaving any hazardous residues, and then they can be disposed of as organic manures in the soil. Considering that it was made with love, it would make the ideal gift for celebrating Healthy Diwali.

  • Eco-Friendly Gifting
  • Let's try the traditional approach of making rangolis with natural colors. Use ingredients that are entirely biodegradable and safe for the environment, such as rice powder, rich grains, flowers, petals, Haldi, etc. Celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali by using these organic food brand products to beautify your houses and teaching your grandchildren a thing or two about environmental preservation.

  • Rangoli
  • ¬†Avoid using rangoli colors that are based on chemicals. Utilize natural dyes and pigments as much as possible, such as rice flour, turmeric powder, kumkum, lime, metals, coal, and leaves.

  • Reduce Fireworks
  • We all experience unhealthy breathing the day after Diwali because of the firecrackers, forcing us to stay inside for several days. Therefore, we must decide to forgo fireworks in favor of using paper poppers or simply lighting an earthen lamp at home. Use your laughter to celebrate Diwali rather than fireworks.

  • Eco -friendly Decorative Items¬†
  • It all begins at home. Use organic food brands Rangoli rather than the synthetic ones sold in stores. For different colors in a rangoli, you can use natural items like flour for white, coffee powder for brown, and haldi for yellow. Replace the fake flowers with natural ones to improve the appearance and aroma. Instead of using plastic ribbons, recycle your existing colorful sarees and dupattas for your home design. Fresh flower fragrances should be used instead of synthetic incense sticks.

    Let's Celebrate Diwali in an Organic Way

    These Organic Food Products can make you happier and healthier this festive season

  • Wooden Cold Pressed Oils
  • This Diwali, choose cold-pressed oil, which is natural and makes your heart and health glow. Oil is vital in our daily lives and is used for more than just cooking. Using properly produced and processed oils can have a more significant impact than we might realize on our health. Cold-pressed oils have various additional health advantages in addition to meeting nutritional requirements. Nutri.org produces premium quality cold pressed oil made from a treasure of natural products that can benefit the heart of the body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to enhancing skin and providing nutritional and health benefits, cold-pressed oils give meals a unique flavor as they are made from organic food products.

  • Detox Juice
  • This Diwali, don't just use eco-friendly products to protect your environment but also natural products to remain fit and healthy. Detox juices are prepared with organic food products suitable for the skin, and the body will be cleansed of impurities while promoting quick weight reduction. Your metabolism gets a significant boost from detox beverages, which help you stay active during the day. One of the essential benefits of Detox drinks is that they provide your digestive system with nourishing nutrients and act as a fantastic cleanser to assist digestive functions. Also, detox beverages help the body work better, which is crucial for digestion.

  • Jaggery Powder¬†
  • An unprocessed natural sweetener is Jaggery. Because it contains less sucrose than sugar and more vitamins and minerals, it can also be called a superfood. Jaggery is still a sugar form, so individuals should use it sparingly. Choose the natural organic brand Jaggery over sugary sweets in this festive season. Natural Jaggery is formally in powder form so that it can easily be mixed to make sweets. Moreover, consuming Jaggery during Diwali can protect you against cold and pollution, said Dr. Abrar Multani, an expert in Ayurveda. Celebrate Healthy Diwali this year.

  • Dry Fruits
  • During the festive season, you can have a quick snack to maintain the health of your body.
    You can carry dry fruits and nuts in your luggage for a pleasant and nutritious snack. Many people are unaware of the excellent sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber of dry fruits and nuts. Because they are loaded with essential nutrients, dry fruits and nuts make a great snack when you're on the go. 
    The healthiest dry fruits and nuts include apricots, raisins, almonds, walnuts, figs, dates, and cashews. You will stay healthy and fit by having a few nuts and dry fruits in your diet.

    Celebrate Organic & Healthy Diwali With Nutriorg

    This Diwali, join Nutriorg in spreading the importance of health and purity by shopping for our wide catalog of organic food products online!
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