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How To Celebrate A Healthy & Pure Diwali With Organic Food Products

How To Celebrate A Healthy & Pure Diwali With Organic Food Products

Diwali is a celebration of lights celebrated in India that wishes everyone luck, joy, and success. The lit diyas must dispel the darkness of ignorance and poverty and illuminate the environment. But the essential question is how far we can grasp and accept the reality that we are going away from the true spirit of the fiesta of light. Due to the negligence of those nearby, the festival is unquestionably becoming one of the most significant environmental issues.
Crackers contain hazardous materials like copper and cadmium. Due to weather changes, these particles/pollution mix with fog and turn into smog, which causes asthma attacks, bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis symptoms like runny nose and itching. Additionally, it is not kid-safe. But that does not preclude us from enjoying Diwali. We can always do it without candles, noise, or crackers in an environmentally conscious manner and make it a Healthy Diwali.

Organic food products are a staple part of a healthy lifestyle. Let's put our efforts into making this Diwali clean and healthy. It's time to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way in 2022. Green Diwali is the best way to celebrate the festival without harming the environment.

Ways to Celebrate Diwali in an Eco-Friendly Way

  • Handmade diyas
  • There was formerly an abundance of ideas on the market consisting of wax, plastic, foam, fiber, and other materials, but most of these products are not biodegradable. They eventually wind up in landfills and cause long-term environmental damage. While some of these things are now prohibited, others are still readily available as less expensive, simpler alternatives. You could choose environmentally friendly diyas, which are made from organic food. Gobar diyas can be utilized for two weeks without leaving any hazardous residues, and then they can be disposed of as organic manures in the soil. Considering that it was made with love, it would make the ideal gift for celebrating Healthy Diwali.

  • Eco-Friendly Gifting
  • Let's try the traditional approach of making rangolis with natural colors. Use ingredients that are entirely biodegradable and safe for the environment, such as rice powder, rich grains, flowers, petals, Haldi, etc. Celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali by using these organic food brand products to beautify your houses and teaching your grandchildren a thing or two about environmental preservation.

  • Rangoli
  •  Avoid using rangoli colors that are based on chemicals. Utilize natural dyes and pigments as much as possible, such as rice flour, turmeric powder, kumkum, lime, metals, coal, and leaves.

  • Reduce Fireworks
  • We all experience unhealthy breathing the day after Diwali because of the firecrackers, forcing us to stay inside for several days. Therefore, we must decide to forgo fireworks in favor of using paper poppers or simply lighting an earthen lamp at home. Use your laughter to celebrate Diwali rather than fireworks.

  • Eco -friendly Decorative Items 
  • It all begins at home. Use organic food brands Rangoli rather than the synthetic ones sold in stores. For different colors in a rangoli, you can use natural items like flour for white, coffee powder for brown, and haldi for yellow. Replace the fake flowers with natural ones to improve the appearance and aroma. Instead of using plastic ribbons, recycle your existing colorful sarees and dupattas for your home design. Fresh flower fragrances should be used instead of synthetic incense sticks.

    Let's Celebrate Diwali in an Organic Way

    These Organic Food Products can make you happier and healthier this festive season

  • Wooden Cold Pressed Oils
  • This Diwali, choose cold-pressed oil, which is natural and makes your heart and health glow. Oil is vital in our daily lives and is used for more than just cooking. Using properly produced and processed oils can have a more significant impact than we might realize on our health. Cold-pressed oils have various additional health advantages in addition to meeting nutritional requirements. Nutri.org produces premium quality cold pressed oil made from a treasure of natural products that can benefit the heart of the body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to enhancing skin and providing nutritional and health benefits, cold-pressed oils give meals a unique flavor as they are made from organic food products.

  • Detox Juice
  • This Diwali, don't just use eco-friendly products to protect your environment but also natural products to remain fit and healthy. Detox juices are prepared with organic food products suitable for the skin, and the body will be cleansed of impurities while promoting quick weight reduction. Your metabolism gets a significant boost from detox beverages, which help you stay active during the day. One of the essential benefits of Detox drinks is that they provide your digestive system with nourishing nutrients and act as a fantastic cleanser to assist digestive functions. Also, detox beverages help the body work better, which is crucial for digestion.

  • Jaggery Powder 
  • An unprocessed natural sweetener is Jaggery. Because it contains less sucrose than sugar and more vitamins and minerals, it can also be called a superfood. Jaggery is still a sugar form, so individuals should use it sparingly. Choose the natural organic brand Jaggery over sugary sweets in this festive season. Natural Jaggery is formally in powder form so that it can easily be mixed to make sweets. Moreover, consuming Jaggery during Diwali can protect you against cold and pollution, said Dr. Abrar Multani, an expert in Ayurveda. Celebrate Healthy Diwali this year.

  • Dry Fruits
  • During the festive season, you can have a quick snack to maintain the health of your body.
    You can carry dry fruits and nuts in your luggage for a pleasant and nutritious snack. Many people are unaware of the excellent sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber of dry fruits and nuts. Because they are loaded with essential nutrients, dry fruits and nuts make a great snack when you're on the go. 
    The healthiest dry fruits and nuts include apricots, raisins, almonds, walnuts, figs, dates, and cashews. You will stay healthy and fit by having a few nuts and dry fruits in your diet.

    Celebrate Organic & Healthy Diwali With Nutriorg

    This Diwali, join Nutriorg in spreading the importance of health and purity by shopping for our wide catalog of organic food products online!
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