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Nutriorg Organic Malka Massor

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  • Completely power packed with nutrients, the premium quality is a result of a production process that is strictly supervised.
  • They are Organic & Hygienically packed without any impurities.
  • At Nutriorg it is our motto to provide you with the best quality food and produce. Our processes are completely transparent.
  • • We are honest about all our ingredients and we believe that you deserve to know about how and from where we get the best quality produce for you to build a healthy range of groceries and wellness products.
  • • Once again, owing to a high proportion of dietary fibre, masoor dal may effectively lower the amount of cholesterol in the body. It may also help get rid of the extra cholesterol from the body.
  • • Masoor dal is known to be the supreme ingredient for most weight loss diets. It has the perfect amount of carbohydrates to lend a sense of fulfillment, yet being low on the fat content.
  • • Masoor dal is a powerhouse of antioxidants which may effectively reduce cell damage. Its abundant proportions of nutrients tend to boost the immune system, thus effectively acting as an anti-ageing food. It can help you maintain a youthful and lively skin.
  • • In addition to its consumption, masoor dal can also be applied directly onto the skin.