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Nutriorg Organic Moth Whole

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  • Completely power packed with nutrients, the premium quality is a result of a production process that is strictly supervised.
  • They are Organic & Hygienically packed without any impurities.
  • At Nutriorg it is our motto to provide you with the best quality food and produce. Our processes are completely transparent.
  • We are honest about all our ingredients and we believe that you deserve to know about how and from where we get the best quality produce for you to build a healthy range of groceries and wellness products.
  • Moth is a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals and it should be a part of your daily diet plan. Including moth beans into your food offers a plethora of health benefits.
  • Loaded with calcium, this tasty legume not only prevents bone related disorders but also strengthens them.
  • Zinc in these pulses boosts the immune system and prevents various health problems.
  • Moth beans are an amazing source of protein that not only repair muscles but also aid in losing weight without compromising on health and stamina.