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Rehydrating Combo (Amla Juice 500ml, Wheatgrass Juice 500ml, Free Honey 50g)

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This combo contains-

  1. Amla Juice 500ml
  2. Wheatgrass Juice 500ml
  3. Free Honey 50g

Nutriorg presents a combo pack of two great juices Amla & Wheat Grass that can help you maintain a healthy digestive system. Wheat Grass Juice helps in detoxification, strengthens the immune system and prevents constipation as it is rich in iron and calcium. Amla Juice is considered the most potent herb it helps manage overall health and well-being by maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, improving flexibility and improving vision.

How to use-

Early Morning- (empty stomach) 20-30 ml Amla juice with one glass of lukewarm water 

Evening- (empty stomach) 20-30 ml Wheatgrass Juice with one glass of lukewarm water