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Brand Story

The nascent journey of Nutriorg began 10 years back with the revolutionary vision of the Founder Director Mr. Satish Raghav, Mr. Karan Singh Tomar and mentor Mr. Rattan Pal Singh. They visualized of promoting and providing healthy and nutritious products proclaiming that eating right is the cure to all ailments.

The humble quest of these pioneers towards organic farming to grow organic food marked the remarkable beginning of Nutriorg. It all started out as a mission to build a generation of health-conscious youth and population. Nutriorg impels the masses to switch to healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Through its constant efforts and hard work Nutriorg has achieved newer and greater heights in the organic food revolution which took birth in their own farms and presently navigating into numerous cities of India. Nutriorg has successfully been able to create awareness among the rest of the farmers belonging from different parts of the country with a number of them switching to organic farming methods as a result of this awareness.

Nutriorg encourages these farmers by purchasing their produce and abetting them to increase their income thus preventing them from using hazardous chemicals and pesticides which is detrimental for their body and health as well due to direct exposure. The entirety of these efforts is directed towards creating a healthy sustainable future where everybody in the ecosystem is benefited.

This whole revolution is also aimed to procure a sustainable living, encouraging the end consumer and growers to reduce their carbon footprint. Nutriorg in its farms has switched to eco-friendly energy saving methods putting to use drip irrigation, efficient energy consumption by the use of solar energy for the entire project the limelight being on the implementation of optimum eco-friendly packaging. Nutriorg farming projects are not only sustainable but create job opportunities in rural areas empowering women and locals making them a part of this revolution. More than 80% of the total workforce in these projects is women. Specifically womens’ training and empowerment has been spearheaded by a dedicated department supervised by Mrs Purnima Raghav.

Nutriorg has been successfully catering to 20,000 families with a 10% growth rate every month, selling 30000 units per month which fall under various categories such as juices, breakfast cereals, cooking oils etc. With more than 10% customer retention rate monthly for repeat purchase including more and more of such products in their diet and lifestyle.




Why Us?

Nutriorg has an end to end farm to kitchen model encompassing cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of the products. The products are unadulterated, purely organic and highly nutritious, as it is ensured that the manufacturing capacity also abides by the highest standards of both safety and hygiene. The raw material produce is certified organic and has been cultivated in company owned farmlands spread across 1000 Hectares of land encompassing 7 states. All Nutriorg products are manufactured with intrinsic care in state of the art manufacturing units. With 100% ethical and honest business ethics we maintain complete transparency from farm to kitchen. These are aimed to provide the much needed nutrients and immunity boost.