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Electrolyte Booster Combo (Aloe vera Juice 500ml, Jamun Juice 500ml, Free Honey 50g)

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  • Hydrates Body
  • Maintains Blood Pressure
  • Prevents Acidity
  • Prevents headache
  • Improves Sleep


This combo contains-

  1. Aloe vera Juice 500ml
  2. Jamun Juice 500ml
  3. Free Honey 50g

Nutriorg Aloe Vera Juice and Jamun Juice combo is a power-packed combination of health that is sure to keep you disease-free and strong. Aloe vera juice helps to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, while Jamun juice maintains sugar levels in the body by converting starch into energy. This combination pack helps to detoxify your body, lower cholesterol levels and improve digestion. Various health benefits of consuming these juice include improving digestion, enhancing immunity, reducing cholesterol levels and treating gastritis.

How to use-

Early Morning- (empty stomach) 20-30 ml Aloe vera juice with one glass of lukewarm water 

Evening- (empty stomach) 20-30 ml Jamun Juice with one glass of lukewarm water