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Nutriorg Certified Organic Cow Ghee 500 ml

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  • The amount of CLA in organic milk is higher (pasture browsed cow milk contains 2-3 times higher concentration of CLA). CLA offers health benefits like altered nutrient partitioning, improved metabolism, immunity enhancement, and improved bone strength.
  • The omega-3 fIn organic farms cows are fed grass and grass-based foods, organic milk and ghee made from organic milk contain a higher quantity of beta-carotene than conventional grain-fed cows. Beta carotene works for the good health of the body and skincare.atty acid is another healthy ingredient that is available in higher quantity from organic ghee than non-organic ghee.
  • Organic ghee contains better flavor than non-organic ghee. It is creamier in texture and the color of the ghee is richer. Organic ghee is pure and thus it stays longer in the kitchen-shelf
  • Organic grass-fed ghee is extremely skin-friendly. Regular use in moderation helps in maintaining skin health. The topical use of ghee is a common way to offer your skin the best quality anti-aging agent.
  • It is a great natural support for weight management.


The Nutriorg Certified Organic Cow Ghee is derived from the milk of cows who are fed an organic diet. Our Organic Cow Ghee is made from the milk of stress free cows who are not only fed well but are also allowed to roam freely and feed their calves first. The cows are not exposed to harmful chemical pesticides, artificial hormones that is a common practice in commercial dairies. The quality of the milk changes when cows are stressed, as the hormones that go into the milk change dramatically. Thus we treat our cows with utmost love & care. Nutriorg Certified Organic Cow Ghee is heat stable & perfect to use for cooking at high temperatures. Most other cooking oils, especially refined oils form harmful free radicals at high temperatures. Organic Ghee is rich in many fat soluble nutrients that are essential for the maintenance of good health. Organic ghee benefits are holistic and wholesome. Organic grass-fed cow ghee is one of the most revered new age pantry superhero. Chefs prefer organic ghee as the perfect health-friendly cooking medium against high-temperature cooking oils due to its high smoke point.

How to use

  • 1 table spoon use in Chapati, Dal, sauteed vegetables, healthy breakfast like Vegetable Qunioa, Oats etc.


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