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Nutriorg Diabetic Care Kit (Diabetic Care Juice 500ml, Apple Cider Vinegar 250ml, Stevia Leaf Powder 150g, Karela Juice 500ml)

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  • Nutriorg Diabetic Care Juice is a unique combination of Bitter Gourd (karela), Black Plum(Jamun), Harad,Indian Gooseberry(amla),Baheda, GymnemaSylvestre(Gurmar) and Aloevera Juice.
  • It also helps in weight loss and strengthening of immunity.
  • It acts as a natural sterilizer and preservative for fruits and vegetables. It triggers metabolism and strengthens immunity
  • Nutriorg Organic Stevia Leaf Powder is a great replacement of Sugar. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar
  • It acts as a great dietary supplement.
  • Nutriorg Bittergourd (Karela) Juice contains certain elements which helps to reduce the glucose levels in the body
  • Nutriorg Bitter Gourd (Karela) Juice aids easy digestion due to its rich fiber properties. The food is digested instantly and the waste is casted out of the body which helps in curing indigestion and constipation problems.


This package includes:

1. Diabetic Care Juice 500ml

2. Certified Apple Cider Vinegar 250ml

3. Certified Organic Stevia Powder 150g

4. Karela Juice 500ml

Diabetic Care Juice is a unique combination of Bitter Gourd (karela), Indian Blackberry(Jamun), Harad,Amla,Baheda, GymnemaSylvestre(Gurmar) and Aloe vera Juice. Karela and Gurmar are known as a destroyer of sugar. A combined effect of this formula helps to maintain a healthy system. The Nutriorg Apple Cider Vinegar is made by sourcing organically grown Himalayan apples and vinegar made with naturally fermented ingredients. The apple cider vinegar is the most favored type of vinegar in the natural health community. Organic ingredients are solely used to ensure you get the best out of our products. Nutriorg Stevia Leaf Powder is completely organically grown in company owned certified organic farms located in different parts of Rajasthan. Nutriorg Organic Stevia Leaf Powder is packed in high quality 0.5 kg pet jars which are reusable. Nutriorg Stevia Leaf Powder jar is 100% safe to store any food item post use. Stevia is a 100% natural zero calorie sweeteners with a number of health benefits. Bitter Gourd which is also known as ‘Karela’ in Hindi is a great solution to deal with a number of bodily problems. This also helps to build immunity and glucose levels in in check. The Nutriorg Bitter Gourd Juice assists in the reduction of acne, blemishes and deep skin infections. The free radicals in it possess anti-ageing properties.