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Nutriorg Mango Muesli 400g | Protein Muesli | 100% Wholegrain Muesli

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Product description:

Nutriorg Muesli is a complete nutritious breakfast for you. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Nutriorg muesli gives you the tastiest and healthy start of the day. 

Power-packed with the most nourishing and healthy ingredients, Nutriorg muesli is your one happy breakfast meal. It is extremely rich in fiber, protein and contains zero trans fat. 

Trust us, you will never want to cheat on your breakfast with Nutriorg Muesli. We bring you three nutritious and tasty flavors: Mango, Choco chips, and Blue Berry.  

  • High in Fiber
  • Protein-rich 
  • Zero Trans fat
  • Low in Saturated fat 
  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

    Health Benefits:

    • Helps in weight loss - It is rich in Dietary fiber, which helps in weight loss. 
    • Improves Heart Health - It contains essential fatty acids, which help reduce Bad Cholesterol, thus improving Heart Health.   
    • Boosts Brain Health - It contains Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids that may help to improve memory and concentration. 
    • Nutrient-rich Healthy snack - It is packed with nutrients that help in strengthening the muscles. 
    • Boosts Immunity - It helps to boost Immune cells and boosts immunity. 


    Enjoy Nutriorg Muesli in 3 tasty ways:   

    • Eat straight out of the box 
    • Pour milk with muesli 
    • Stir muesli with yogurt

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