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Nutriorg Punarnava Powder 200g (Pack of 2*100g)

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Nutriorg Punarnava Powder is extracted from botanical plant of Punarnava that is grown and cultivated in our own farmlands. The powdered form of Punarnava is known for its ayurvedic healing properties that can boost body defense mechanism.

The primary benefits of Punarnava Powder is known to fight bacterial infections and known to get rid of stomach related problems. Consuming Punarnava Powder can help in detoxifying the body from any built up toxins.


  • Punarnava is helpful in kidney disorders like irregular blood pressure.
  • It speeds up the kidneys' filtration process and flushes out excessive fluids and other waste products. 
  • Helps in preventing bacterial infections.
  • Helps in Detoxification.
  • Reduces stomach infection and inflammation.
  • Helps in preventing cold, cough, and flu.
  • Strengthens joint mobility and bones.

How to use 

- Take 200ml of liquid of your choice (water, milk).

- Add 1 tsp of Nutriorg Punarvana Powder to it.

- Stir well and drink on empty stomach or 1 hour before meals

- For best results, drink twice a day.