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Nutriorg Certified Organic Honey Gift Pack 150g

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About this item

Nutriorg Honey Gift pack is as old to mankind as any other crucial ingredient bearing great benefits as a food, as a medicinal preparation, or for any other miscellaneous uses. It is known to contain disease-fighting and disease-preventing flavonoids. This gift pack of organically certified honey from Nutriog brings to you a whole pack of natural goodness to give you the best gift of health in a natural form. Considered a power food, this is an essential ingredient easily found in all households. It is one of the best natural supplements for sugar. 

Honey maintains blood sugar levels and thus helps wounds heal faster. 

It can be used as a great natural sterilizer.

It aids in weight loss and is a good source of energy. 

It's very high in plant compounds and offers several health benefits. 

Honey is particularly healthy when used instead of refined sugar, which is 100% empty calories. 

Nutriorg Honey Gift pack is naturally complete with healthful minerals and nutrients & perfect for adding sweetness to your life with the spoonful, as well as your favorite Tea toast & Desserts.