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Vitamin C Health Booster Combo (Amla Juice 500ml, Noni Juice 500ml, Free Honey 50g)

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This combo contains-

  1. Amla Juice 500ml
  2. Noni Juice 500ml
  3. Free Honey 50g

The powerful combination of Amla & Noni is a health-boosting, immune-boosting and anti-ageing supplement that rejuvenates your body. The Nutriorg Amla Juice is made from 100% Organic and certified organic Amla crops cultivated on our own organic farms situated in Rajasthan. Nutriorg's Noni Juice is made from 100% Pure Noni fruit extract, which goes through a rigorous process of filtration to ensure its quality before bottling. Both these products are free from added preservatives, colouring agents and other artificial additives and are therefore safe for consumption by all age groups.

How to use-

Early Morning- (empty stomach) 20-30 ml Noni juice with one glass of lukewarm water 

Evening- (empty stomach) 20-30 ml Amla juice with one glass of lukewarm water